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Get My Dark Composition Notebook/Journals for schoolwork, homework and all your flavorful ideas. Dark covers with a hint of comedic flair!

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My Dark Composition Notebook/Journals!

​You've reached the home of... 

A ghostly presence decides to walk to

school, and walk the halls...

to make friends.


She's smart and sassy! A true Gifted Student!

But can she control her gifts? We'll see...

She misses her love and brings him to a dying planet hoping he will return.

You reach for the stars, and

eventually will reach your goals...

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They invited her to the party, and it turned into

a scream fest! Fun times with friends...

Beautiful, dark covers, with college rule or wide rule pages inside.  Created by Kirsten Campbell & published by Seven Mermaids Press LLC.

The teacher wants an answer and said, 

"Raise your hand!" Well, she asked for it!